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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Albion

We have made a name for ourselves not only for our professional carpet cleaning service but also for our first-rate upholstery cleaning in Albion areas. With our extensive and sufficient knowledge on maintaining couches, mattresses, sofas, and other furniture clean, JMS Carpet Cleaning has earned a lot of satisfied customers throughout the suburb. And we aim to create more happy clients. Thus we always focus on doing the job done right the first time and providing remarkable results.

Furniture is part of everyone`s daily activities. You lie down on the sofa to read your favorite book; you gather around it with your family or friends to watch a show or movie everybody likes, or do a project with your classmates on it. With our regular activities going on, we seem not to notice that our furniture is slowly losing its quality. With that being said, regular upholstery cleaning is as important as carpet cleaning.

Each time you sit, lie, jump, or twist and turn, you are unaware that you are letting dust, grime, mold spores, and bacteria fly freely into the air of your home, which results to an unwanted dirty air. If the furniture is always left allergen and dust-free, one is sure to be rewarded with a clean house with clean air.

Apart from dust and dirt, sectional and couch also gain unpleasant smell. It may be because of the cooking odors from the kitchen, your pet`s scent, stains left by different food, sweat when falling asleep, and others. Upholstery cleaning helps eliminate those bad aromas.

Most importantly, frequent sanitation of furniture will maintain the original look for a long time. Also, it will spice up the appearance of your home, making it look cozier.

With JMS Carpet Cleaning, you don`t have to worry about the harmful effects of a dirty and smelly furnishing. We boast of our team of experienced cleaners that guarantee nothing but the best, all the time! They are also detail-oriented and professional, so you are assured that you will get exactly what you want for your sofas and couches, or even better.

The cleaning process will not be complete without the methods and products. We offer upholstery cleaning tags tailored for different furniture to prevent any damages. There are four main categories: cleaning furniture using (1) water-based products, (2) solvent-based products, (3) both water-based and solvent-based products, and (4) neither water-based or solvent-based products, just professional upholstery cleaning.

In case you don`t know which one fits your sofas, no need to panic. Our expert cleaners will give you suggestions and discuss it with you so both sides will have a better understanding of what to do and how it

will end.JMS Carpet Cleaning only uses high-quality cleaning products and equipment, hence ensuring that nothing would go wrong during the project. We ensure that we are always updated on the new techniques and tools to provide excellent services to our residential and commercial clients. Trust us, and you won`t be disappointed.

JMS Carpet Cleaning also offers other services such as carpet steam cleaning, pet urine removal, mattress cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.


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