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Carpet Clеаning in Lalor
carpet cleaning in Lalor

Carpet Clеаning in Lalor

JMS carpet cleaning is now operating in Lalor, providing you professional carpet cleaning service and assuring your satisfaction! Our team has been making our clients happy for years, offering them carpet steam cleaning or dry cleaning , upholstery, tile and grout and mattress cleaning. Our team at JMS carpet cleaning does its best to assure that your house furniture not only looks good, but also hygienic and safe for you and your children from dust, bacteria and other harmful allergens.

Carpet cleaning in Lalor

JMS carpet cleaning is the place to visit if you want your carpet to be cleaned and look as good as new! Because sometimes you can accidentally spill coffee or other staining liquids while in a hurry and don’t have the time to clean it, we use special cleaning products to remove these stains and odor, and a steam carpet cleaner to cleanse it thouroughly without causing damage or cosmetic changes.

 Upholstery cleaning in Lalor

Your furniture is collecting dirt and dust or starting to look old and want your house to look shiny and new again ? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With the use of tools in our disposition at JMS carpet cleaning, we can have your furniture look better than ever and in no time! Upholstery can degrade over time and collect all kind of bacteria and it can become a hassle to take care of them. JMS carpet cleaning offers you to easily take care of these problems and have your house ready for the guests !

Mattress Cleaning in Lalor

Mattresses are easily dirtied, absorb sweat and humidity and make you prone to catch different diseases from all the bacteria that it has collected all that time it hasn’t been cleaned. Because your health is of our concern, our team at JMS carpet cleaning  is here to ensure that your sleep is protected against these nefarious external factors. Sleep is of a big importance to everyone, and we spend a third of our day sleeping on them, for that reason they should be proper and clean to protect our hygiene and wellbeing. We offer you flexible packages according to your needs and take care of your Matresses, cleaning and sanitizing them from all allergens and bacteria with the use of hygienic products to keep you safe and satisfied.

 Tile and Grout Cleaning in Lalor

Your floor should look bright and clean, sometimes it gets dirty because of all that dust and dirt from your shoes or liquid spills, and over time the stains become hard to clean or dirt falling too deep between the small cracks of the tiles to pull out, for that we use the best techniques and tools to take care of the job! Our team at JMS carpet cleaning goes through different steps in order to bring you utmost satisfaction. First, we inspect the tiled flooring to decide if it needs repairs or special treatment, then we proceed to using very hot water to scrub the dirt loose, after which we continue by scrubbing, vacuuming, high-pressure rinsing and drying. are, so look no further!

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