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How Often We Have to Clean Carpet
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How Often We Have to Clean Carpet

Carpets are a cozy and stylish addition to any living space, but it also requires much more cleaning, maintenance, and investment compared to a non-carpeted flooring. Cleaning your carpet regularly may also depend on many factors such as traffic, having pets or children, health concerns, and soiling conditions. Here’s a comprehensive guide about how often carpets should be cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guide

Before determining how often you should clean your carpet, it’s also highly advisable to check first your carpet manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations and check for the warranty. Most carpet manufacturers have specific conditions for carpet maintenance before they can give you its warranty. Remember to always ask for a receipt from a certified carpet cleaner every time you have your carpets professionally cleaned.

There are also generally four levels of cleaning done to maintain carpet sanitation: vacuuming, spot cleaning, heavy-use area cleaning, and restorative cleaning. Vacuuming and spot cleaning may be done daily or several times a week, although some cases of spot cleaning may require professional cleaning. Heavy-use area cleaning and restorative cleaning, on the other hand, are done in-between longer intervals (e.g. every six months or two years) and always require a professional cleaning technician.  Cleaning schedules are divided according to the soiling conditions your carpet has. Soiling conditions are categorized into light, normal, heavy, and extreme soiling conditions. Here are the descriptions of each condition, and the required carpet cleaning schedule for each.  Important factors that affect carpet soiling conditions include the number of people living in the area, having pets and children, smokers, health concerns, and location and traffic. Traffic means exposure to pollutants based on location. For example, a carpet installed near the doorway has more traffic than the carpet installed in a barely visited stockroom. Having pets and young children in the home may also require for additional cleaning, as children may tend to spill food on the carpet, while pets may shed off dander or accidentally pee on the carpet, causing urine stains. Pet dander and urine may also cause health issues, such as triggering asthma or allergies and thus require more cleaning to prevent health issues. Smokers may also contribute to additional carpet soiling, as cigarette ash may accumulate beneath the fibers that cause odor.  For all soiling conditions, spot cleaning is required daily, or as soon as spots are noticed.

Light soiling Lightly soiled carpets may only need vacuuming once a week, annual heavy-use area cleaning, and restorative cleaning every two years.   Normal soiling Homes with children or elderly may need vacuuming 1-2x a week, heavy-use area cleaning every 6-12 months, and annual restorative cleaning.  Heavy soiling Homes with pets or smokers may require vacuuming up to 2-4x per week, heavy-use area cleaning every 3-6 months, and restorative cleaning twice a year.  Extreme soiling For homes with large families and multiple pets, daily vacuuming is a must, traffic lanes (heavy-use area cleaning) must be professionally cleaned every 2-3 months, and quarterly restorative cleaning.  Maintaining carpet sanitation through regular carpet cleaning schedules is important for preserving carpet longevity and keeping the environment clean and healthy. Carpet cleaning schedules vary according to soiling conditions. Doing regular home carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning are basic requirements for carpet maintenance.

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