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Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne
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Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpets are an exquisite addition to your home or office that instantly makes any room more posh and sophisticated. However, having carpeted flooring requires maintenance in keeping it clean and preventing possible health risks. One commonly overlooked factor in carpet maintenance is checking your environment’s humidity especially with the weather in Melbourne.

That’s why it’s good that you hire expert carpet cleaning in Melbourne who know a lot about humidity and carpets.  Humidity is the amount of moisture or water vapor within an atmosphere or environment. Humidity is determined by factors such as geography, changing seasons, and immediate environmental factors. The average annual humidity in Melbourne falls around 66 percent, with July as the most humid month, and January the least humid. Humidity can go as high as 75 percent in July and dip down to 57 percent in January.  How Humidity Affects Your Carpet  Excess humidity damages your carpet in many ways. The ideal humidity for carpets is about is between 40 to 50 percent. Keeping humidity levels at least below 65 percent is required for preventing molds in your carpet. Since the average humidity levels in Melbourne are slightly higher than the ideal and required carpet humidity levels, the need for maintaining your carpet and hiring carpet cleaning companies all the more necessary.   Here are all the reasons why too much humidity is bad for your carpet:  Form carpet molds. Molds thrive in damp and humid environments. Molds darken your carpet and emit a damp odor into the room. Molds also pose health risks since they release harmful spores into the air.  Bring in more dirt on your carpet. It’s easier for dirt and mold spores to travel in humid air. It is also harder to clean off the dirt and dust from your carpet fibers because in a damp environment.  Attract pests and bacteria. Mold formations attract pests and bacteria into your carpet, as pests and bacteria thrive in dirty environments.  Damage the form of your carpet. It is important to keep your carpet flat and stretched over your flooring. However, too much humidity can cause your carpet to swell up. Excess heat can also cause ripples on your carpet. Both effects damage the form of your carpet.  Professional Carpet Cleaning for Controlling Humidity Damage  The best ways to protect your carpet from humidity damage is by maintaining optimal humidity levels in your room and having it periodically cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. Here are the steps your carpet cleaning crew will take to prevent carpet damage caused by excess humidity.  Proper ventilation of the area. We will request you to control humidity in the room by letting fresh air circulate around for a few hours or request you to turn on the air conditioning for 4-5 hours to keep the air dry. They may also install a dehumidifier to speed up ventilation. This is crucial because a damp room will prolong the drying time after cleaning is done.  Perform the cleaning process. After cooling the room, the crew will perform the cleaning process by vacuuming, steam cleaning, and rinsing your carpet.   Vacuuming will sweep away debris and dust particles off your carpet. After vacuuming, steam cleaning is performed to loosen up embedded dirt particles and kill mold and bacteria. Rinsing is then done to wash off dirt and eliminate soap and chemical residues from your carpet.  Cleaning products are selected according to the damage type and material. For particularly stubborn molds, a carpet cleaner with mold killing properties will be used to clean it effectively.  Drying and dehumidifying. After performing the cleaning process, the cleaning crew will dry the carpet completely because a damp carpet will easily attract new molds and dirt again. Depending on the size and material of your carpet, it can take 24-48 to completely dry your carpet. Removable carpets may be hung outside to dry in the sunshine to faster drying. The sun’s UV rays also kill microbes off your carpet and help keep it smelling fresh. For non-removable carpets, an industrial dryer, fan, and dehumidifier may be used to speed up the drying process.  JMS Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne provides excellent carpet cleaning in your locality. The company is one of the best companies in the area, offering competitive carpet cleaning prices. The company has years of experience in the industry for providing solutions for your carpet cleaning needs. Call us now for a free quotation and book a carpet cleaning service with us.

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